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Not Just Vision Correction But Vision Enhancement

Crystal Clear Vision Beyond Ordinary Lenses

Created using exclusive and cutting-edge technologies, advanced Crizal lenses are the result of Essilor's ongoing research to provide eyeglass wearers with the clearest vision possible. Worn and trusted by over 260 million people all over the world, Crizal lenses are unlike any other pair you've experienced because now you can enjoy:

  • Optimal Vision Comfort
  • Crizal lenses not only cut out reflections and eye fatigue, but are also virtually invisible for a much more flattering appearance
  • Easier Lens Cleaning
  • It is easy to clean Crizal spectacle lenses using a Crizal cleaning cloth
  • Premium Scratch Resistance
  • Crizal lenses mean enhanced durability to withstand daily wear for enduring clarity of vision

Indeed, Crizal lenses remain the top choice of eye care professionals and their patients around the world today as they deliver best-in-the-market performance to suit your lifestyle needs.

Discover how Crizal lenses can help you see, look, and feel better! Ask your eye care professional today.