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Know, why we are the world's most trusted lens makers.

 I’m really hard on my glasses. My last pair of non-glare lenses got scratched up after only three months. Good thing I upgraded to Crizal. It’s been almost a year, and there’s barely a scratch.
Since I began wearing Crizal lenses, it’s amazing how many people have said that they can hardly tell that I am wearing glasses. Plus, I like knowing that when I am talking to someone, I am looking them square in the eye.

- Sonali Shah, 24, Engineering Student

 As a writer, I spend most of my day staring into a computer screen. That used to mean red eyes and a headache by 5 pm. But with my Crizal lenses, I feel great all day, and I swear, even my writing is better!

- Atul Shinde, 28, Sr.Editor, Pune

 My work is such that most of the times would start from the office late at nights and driving at night used to be a real problem for me. The glare from oncoming headlights would wear my eyes out in no time. Thank goodness for Crizal lenses. Now driving is easier anytime!

- Priyanka Sharma, 30, Creative Director, Mumbai