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Know, why we are the world's most trusted lens makers.

 As a housewife have lot of work that involves contact with dust and oil .I’ve had anti-reflective lenses before, and they were always so hard to keep clean.
I was cleaning them two to three times a day! But with my new Crizal A2 lenses, I make it through the entire day without cleaning them. And when they do need cleaning, it’s a breeze.

- Lakshmi Menon, 32, Housewife, Hyderabad

 Since I began wearing Crizal lenses, it’s amazing how many people have said that they can hardly tell that I am wearing glasses. Plus, I like knowing that when I am talking to someone, I am looking them square in the eye.

- Krishnamurthy lyer, 28, Sr. Software Engineer, Chennai

 I had heard a lot about "Essilor’s Crizal - Lenses" and wondered why they call themselves to be no. 1 in the world? which made me curious to pick one for myself after using them for about a month now, not only I have a crystal clear vision but also being frequent traveler the quality of my night vision roads have became amazingly clear, all I can say is " I see more of Life! - Through Crizal lens.

- Rajiv Singh, National Head - MA (Radio Mirchi), Bangalore

 Here's my brand new glasses, It also has Crizal A2 lenses, with Transition, also has antifatigue coating, fitted onto a Trussardi frame which I had bought from a club platine optic (Udani Optic JBN Bangalore). Took them out on a vacation this season, they are simply superb. It has sorted all my eye care issues, be at work, driving or out in sun my eyes just loved the experience. Finally I don't have to carry two frames with me all the time. I strongly recommend these glasses to everyone who has to spend over 10-12 hours on computer, drives out at night and stay outdoor for meetings.

- Tridiv Das, 32, Creative Director, Bangalore

 My New Stylish Glasses with Crizal A2 Lens and Transition.....Love the comfort & clarity of vision & the photochromic experience. Has taken care of my handicap of not being able to sport a sun glass!!!

- S Satish Kumar, 35, Ad Professional, Bangalore


A new index developed by Essilor, certifying the global UV protection of a lens.Lens performance only: the E-SPF index excludes direct eye exposure that depends on external factors (wearer's morphology, frame shape, position of wear).